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At BVG Software Group we offer a wide range of computer solutions. We create web and mobile networking applications that connect people with specific business needs.

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what we are doing


We are a software development company of engineers and designers with a focus on cross-platform social networking solutions for connecting people with any specific needs. These are marketplaces, social networks of local or private type. We work on full-cycle development: analysis and sparing the business model, concept and digital service design, user interface and visual design, software development, as well as testing and support.

The Team

We are a fully-staffed team, including agile managers, designers, software developers and quality assurance engineers. At BVG Software Group we aim to create an enjoyable workspace so that we can recruit and keep the very best talent. Many of us have worked together for well over 8 years creating compelling products for clients, having good teamwork in a like-minded people environment with an ownership mindset.


When it comes to the success of your customized solution, we are able to create all the parts that you need and nothing that you do not. We take pride in our efficient management  and frequent communication with our clients. This means we are seeking user feedback early, often, and for the life of the project as we continue supporting the solution.

case studies


  • David Griffiths

    Director, Make Believe UK Ltd

    Both of our products attracted praise during early testing, forecasting success with targeted users. BVG Software Group’s constant availability, easygoing demeanor, and ability to meet complex requirements on a tight schedule continue to impress.

  • Nick Andrianov

    CEO Diving Universe

    It's a pleasure to work with BVG Software Group team. They've brought my idea of social network to life exactly as I imagined. Also taking good care of it as a support team.

  • Greg Zavorotniy

    CEO Roundpier

    BVG SG Team has done a great job taking the project from an idea to a fully working platform. We are constantly improving the product and continue working with the team on a daily basis. We hope to have a number of new related projects for BVG SG in the near future...

  • Thijs Sondag

    Product Manager, Health Tech Company

    Their feedback, trustworthiness, and solution-oriented team add to their value as a genuinely invested partner. The BVG SG team is very consistent with their timeline estimates and they deliver accordingly. We’re pleased with each of the demos we’ve seen so far....

  • Steve Schofield

    Managing Director and Founder,

    I very much enjoyed the early relationship that we built together and the professional and friendly approach and high quality implementation provided by the team. This was a successful trial project and I look forward to further stages of development.

  • Joshua Walters

    Vice President, infoQuest Consulting

    The team is excellent and work very well towards a defined target. I appreciate their flexibility which benefited me in this project and look forward to working with them on the next project soon.

  • Donavan Clarke

    Sr. Web Developer, MWF Group

    They always remain a pleasure to work with because they are very accommodating and forthright with solving issues. Hopefully we can be more successful on any future projects we may need.

  • Ilker Dogan

    Co-Founder, Natresnet

    I was amazed at how smoothly the project was running. BVG Software Group quickly grasped end goals and delivered high-quality output according to our plan.

  • Faissel Farhi

    Dir. of Design & Development, Zellij Gallery

    The BVG Software Group team handled all the challenges thrown at them. The quality of their work, their speed of execution, and their cooperative spirit are great.

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