VR training application for healthcare workers

The ultimate goal was to provide health professionals with training simulations that replicate realistic crisis situations. The project addresses current issues including insufficient work placement opportunities for students, and ethical and safety concerns.
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Challenges accepted

Challenges accepted

Application design and architecture were created from scratch. We used as less third party SDK as possible in order to achieve high-level security and performance.
The main challenge was to ensure students and experienced professionals receive high-quality education and training that delivers the workforce skills employers need.

Solutions found

Solutions found

Our solution not only improves the quality of medical services but also saves money on training and professional development of medical staff in order to reduce the cost by improving learning processes.
The program is built as a scalable and customizable application to further provide solutions to many corporations worldwide.
  • Flexible usage opportunities

    The project addresses issues like insufficient work placement opportunities for students, and ethical and safety concerns. Targeted for healthcare workers but can be used for any kind of business regarding certification.
  • New learning capabilities

    Used for further qualification improvement, “in-field” simulation, “simulation of real work in real conditions” training in working with innovative equipment, implementation in processes, theory training, and qualification confirmation.
  • New study experience through decision making

    Experience a new way of learning, answer questions and with the help of VR technology by navigating through a 360-degree scene using a decision flow diagram which will lead you to a path with every new answer.

Technologies used

Built with the assistance of latest and stable technologies, such as C#, .NET, mySQL, Android, Oculus Go, Azure, and others, we provided our client with high-level security and protection in addition to constant maintenance and support.

What our clients say

  • Matthew Smith
    Managing Director, Edg-VR
    Internal and external feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, leading to more work for BVG Software Group. They kept the project moving through constant communication, providing critical status updates on a project dashboard. Their understanding of VR technology makes them a valuable partner.