Peer-to-peer and Sharing Economy Platforms

We are specialized in creating collaboration platforms for the peer-to-peer and sharing economy industries including on-demand services in a variety of verticals.

Healthcare Diagnostics Applications

We design and develop beautiful digital healthcare solutions that help doctors and patients with diagnosis diseases and insights about how a treatment is progressing.

Social Networking Solutions

We excel in the development and growth of custom social networks with keeping our focus on identifying the community, determining useful features and monetization strategy.

Full-cycle Web and Mobile Apps

We offer custom full-cycle web and mobile development services that start from analysis and move forward to design and development with thorough QA and project support.

Gamification in UX

Using our experience with game design and UX expertise, we apply gamification mechanics and approaches in design for web and mobile interfaces of our digital products.

Native and Cross-platform Solutions

Our mobile engineers help with choosing and delivering native mobile (iOS, Android) or cross-platform solution that fits the business goals of the project the best.

the team
It is essential for us to start from exploring the specifics of the business, customer demand, and product strategy as well as the technology to fulfill the project needs.
Start the project
We start by defining a clear goal of the application or web platform, then we set up the process and communication rules and move to development.
Launch your product
We reassure our client is satisfied and the product is ready for launch. We make the product flexible for implementation of any adjustments as needed on the support phase.
Meet the team
Introduction with our team of innovators and proactive thinkers is the time to consider options properly, discuss multiple opinions, brainstorm and plan the process.
Monitor the development
We report all activities and provide our client with up-to-date information about the project status & issues as well as builds weekly/biweekly for the client's convenience.
Get support
We keep in touch with the client on a daily basis to review the product for superior quality and to plan the future product improvements and functionality expanding.